Three Stages to Expand 2015 United Islands of Prague 2015

Due to the broader cooperation with Česká televize (Czech Television) and Český rozhlas (Czech Radio), 2015 United Islands of Prague have expanded with three minor stages with their own programming.

Czech Radio operates as much as two stages of this year’s edition of the festival. They both are located on Střelecký Island and their program covers Friday and Saturday.

Český rozhlas Jazz Stage, as the name suggests, will present jazz musicians from Czechia, Slovakia and from further away. The visitors will therefore enjoy Longital – makers of song pictures resonating with rock, folk, electronica and very original poetry; Phanda, a young jazz quartet from Vienna; the renowned Big Band Gustava Broma as well as the excellent Michel Reis Trio from Luxemburg. Michel Reis Trio appears in the most exclusive clubs like Blue Note and Knitting Factory, in large halls like the Olympia in Paris, and in major festivals like Montreux, Switzerland.

Český rozhlas Wave Stage is open to young, promising bands who have successfully appeared in the popular programs Startér and Czeching that support the alternative music scene.

On Saturday, a part of Kampa Island will belong to the Czech TV Art World Stage, representing the genre of world music. Among others, the stage will show the Irish singer/songwriter Declan O’Rourke who once played in tours or one-off gigs with Alison Krauss, Snow Patrol, Damian Rice, U2 and Bob Geldof. Other performers include the Portuguese multiinstrumentalist B Fachada or Panic Ensemble from Israel with a modern touch to traditional Jewish music, the popular Czech band Poletíme? and other ensembles.


Český rozhlas Jazz stage  (Střelecký ostrov, P1)

Friday, 19 June (14:30 – 22:00)

Talent Transport

Longital (SK)

Michel Reis Trio (Luc)

Big Band Gustava Broma


Saturday, 20 June (10:00 – 22:00)

Dust in the Grove

Zabelov Group

Phanda (AT)

Yo Soy Indigo
Český rozhlas Wave stage  (Střelecký ostrov, P1)

Friday, 19 June (14:30 – 22:00)

Sky to Speak

Himalayan Dalai Lama


Ghost of You


Saturday, 20 June (10:00 – 22:00)



Fred Madison

Manon Meurt

Wild Tides


ČT Art World stage  (Kampa, P1)

Saturday, 20 June (10:00 – 22:00)

Noisy Pots


Bent Arrows (AU)

Repassage (Chor)

Panic Ensemble (IZR)

B Fachada (PT)

Tune in at our Soundcloud where you can find a playlist featuring hits of the bands performing at the stages indicated above. First sounds of #UIOP #2015