ČRo Jazz Stage Presents a Jazz Big Band and Experiments

The many facets of jazz will be shown at the Czech Radio Jazz Stage at Střelecký Island. Part of United Islands of Prague, 19 and 20 June, the stage will be presenting the excellent pianist Michel Reis as well as the legendary Orchestr Gustava Broma. Recordings of all the concerts will be aired by Czech Radio Jazz.

The Luxemburg pianist Michel Reis studied at the renowned Berklee College and has been fortunate enough to collaborate with greats like Danilo Perez, Dave Holland and Esperanza Spalding. He has acquired a unique method of playing the piano which has been compared to jazz storytelling in the reviews.

A true gem in the program is beyond any doubt the performance of Gustav Brom’s Big Band that has earned a unique position both on the Czech scene and abroad. American reviewers even nominated it one of the world’s Top 10 jazz bands; the ensemble performed with giants like Dizzy Gillespie and Diana Ross. The band will be arriving in Střelecký Island with a program dedicated to contemporary Czech composers.

Yet another view of jazz is taken by Phanda, a quartet from Vienna, which is a great believer in crossing genres, or being above genres at all. The musicians confess to having their roots in jazz, hip-hop and various branches of electronic music.

Two bands will be arriving from Slovakia to Střelecký Island. Talent Transport consists of famous Slovakian musicians all of whom collaborate with notable names of the country’s popular music. This is their private project where they delve into bold compositions on the verge of jazz, art rock, pop and contemporary classical music.

Another representative of the Slovak scene is Longital – quite famous here – the makers of song landscapes drawing from rock, folk, electronica and most original poetry have captivated audiences in 12 countries, including the USA and Canada. They will present and premiere their new album, A to je všetko?

Zabelov Group is a Belarusian-Czech duo that will bring downtempo jazz rhythms into the program. You are in for a slow and playful ride.

Yo Soy Indigo is Emily Thiel, an American singer composer, who has built a band of exceptional performers of various nationalities.  Her music is an original fusion of pop, rock, soul, jazz, folk and many more influences.

Dust in the Groove is arriving at United Islands from Brno. It is a most catchy project that was born at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts and it represents original amalgamation of jazz and contemporary music.