ČT Art World Stage Presents New Face of World Music

The highest point of the CT Art World Stage in Kampa, which focuses on the genre of world music and similar, will be a performance of B Fachada, the Portuguese singer and multiinstrumentalist. His playful mix of lo-fi electronica, the classic guitar, keyboards and resonance of traditional Portuguese music will mark the end of Saturday’s program.

It is the Jewish traditional music which is the base for the work of Panic Ensemble, an Israeli band, which mixes traditional instruments like the violin, viola, piano and trumpet, with nothing else than electronica.

An honorable mention is Bent Arrows who have just won the talent contest of Austria’s major festival, the Donauinselfest, with a spectator crowd of 700,000. Although they entered the United Islands of Prague program when it was nearly too late, if you enjoy Maumford and Sons, you will love them.

The Croatian band of Repassage subscribes to the legacy of the so-called gypsy swing.

The Czech scene will be represented by Poletíme? a band, or perhaps schrammel, from Brno. They take a little from each genre, but first of all they tell songs, stories and chansons.