Brodka (PL)

At the age of sixteen, she won the Polish Pop Idol, but twelve years later, Monika Brodka is somewhere else. The increasing enthusiasm from this Polish singer is clearly evidenced by the fact that, aside from the United Islands of Prague, she was included into the program of the Off Festival in Katowice, the Red Bull Academy in Warsaw, the Great Escape Festival in Brighton and the Colours of Ostrava. The May´s album Clashes which was recorded in English for the first time was partially recorded in Los Angeles and released under the respected brand P.I.A.S .. It was produced by Noah Georgeson whose services were previously used by Joanna Newsom or Devendra Banhart. Powerful weapons of the performer settled in Warsaw are a charming vocal and a magical atmosphere of her songs. “Brodka blends synthetic pop from another world with a crispy gothic folk. It’s addictive, captivating and uplifting,” wrote Laurence Day at The Line Of Best Fit.

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