Get Your Gun (DK)

“One of the most thrilling new Nordic discoveries for years” – similar superlatives are spread out about this trio, whose core is the brothers Simon and Andreas Westmark. Their album The Worrying Kind was released in 2014 with a six-month delay under the British respected label Louder Than War and features elements of dark psychedelia, obscure folk, energetic stoner rock and post-metal noise walls. The emotive guitar anthems do not drown in the usual schemes and sound contagious at times. Yet the band’s reputation rests mainly on the hypnotic mantras which draw the listeners into their darkened world. Andreas says: “People ask me after live shows, ‘why do you have that big jacket on, aren’t you dying with heat?’ and I say ‘yes, that’s what I like.’ I don’t want things to be too easy. It has to be a fight.”