Monika Načeva a Michal Pavlíček + Bořkovec kvartet (CZ)

Only a few people realize it, but the popular singer continuously cooperates with one of our best guitarists for over twenty years. In the new acoustic program “Možnosti tu stale ještě sou”, they connected with the String quartet of Pavel Bořkovec leaded by the violist Matěj Kroupa, which increases the emotionality of the central couple. Monica’s voice, Michal’s excellent skills, musicalized lyrics of Jáchym Topol, the interplay of a pair of violins, violas and cellos, and the proved songs, selected mainly from the albums Možnosti tu sou (1994) and Mami (2007), offer a new dimension and specific, emotional atmosphere. Together with the quartet, the central duo will play in this ensemble only at this unique performance in Prague.