Nèro Scartch (CZ)

The singer and versatile musician Jakub Svoboda first sat behind the drums already in his three years of age and soon, he also came to his nickname. Today, he is twenty-one, he has gone through punk, jazz and metal band, and he released several albums and moved from drums to the keyboard. He plays keyboard in Android Asteroid and especially in the increasingly popular Mydy Rabycad which got to perform also in Korea and on the famous Glastonbury festival this year. At the end of last year, he released his first solo album Piece of My Life, which he brought up in a concert form at this year’s spring. It combines decorated arched melodies with hard rock riffs and reveals an inspiration of bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Pendulum or The Prodigy. Yet it does not avoid less aggressive positions of IAMX. Despite the fact that Nero Scartch is actually still at its very beginning, it´s a quite respectable balance.