Pascal von Wroblewsky (DE)

This singer who was born in Eastern Berlin once started with folk and blues but later she got enchanted with jazz and today she makes one of the biggest jazz stars in Germany. She stood at one stage with such icons as Joe Pass, Dizzy Gillespie or Femi Kuti, but also with various philharmonic orchestras. Besides her jazzy albums, she also released albums with classical repertoire. For that matter, hardly any text about her omits the fact that her voice covers four octaves as well as that she toured all around the world, including Cuba, China or Senegal. She repeatedly shows up on theatre stages (with The Beggar´s Opera being her favorite play) and she gets to teach acting, stage oration and interpretation. On the United Islands, she will introduce her repertoire from the Pascal Seventies Songbook album which contains jazzy adaptations of the 1970s´ hits by Deep Purple, The Doors, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Janis Joplin or Bob Marley.