Tribute Mišík (CZ)

A whole evening in the Meet Factory will be dedicated to Vladimír Mišík. Young performers will introduce cover versions of his famous songs within the project entitled Tribute to Mišík.

The evening´s program will include altogether 8 bands and performers with each one of them introducing one cover version of a selected song by Mišík and one authorial song. The tribute to Vladimír Mišík will be paid by the Prague indie-pop trio VyJakoMy as well as by Ghost of You from Brno, the project Ille of the singer Olga Königová, the singer Ondřej Galuška, the songwriter Lucie Rédlová, the Prague alternative folk musicians Jablkoň and by the duo Kieslowski. The highlight of the evening will be a one-hour performance of Vladimír Mišík&Etc.

In 2015, the Indies Scope label released a unique album of twenty-two songs entitled “Bazarem proměn: A Tribute To Vladimír Mišík“ as a celebration of his production. Many renowned artists of the Czech music scene got involved in the album, e.g. Jan P. Muchow, Ille, Mňága & Žďorp, Bratři Orffové, Kieslowski, Boris Carloff, Musica Folklorica, Lucie Redlová, Jarret, Ladě, Jablkoň, Ondřej Galuška, Květy and many others. As a follow-up to this album, the United Islands of Prague comes with an extraordinary project named Tribute to Mišík.
“Based on our friendly relations with the Indies Scope label, we have decided to transform the album “Bazarem proměn: A tribute to Vladimír Mišík“ into its live show form. We have been working on the project since August 2015 and we have decided to bring it to life at the occasion of the Club night. The United Islands of Prague is a festival that is open not only to new beginning performers but also to interesting projects. We would love to bring the production of Vladimír Mišík closer to the United Islands´ audience through the generation of younger artists,” explains the Head of Program – Barbora Šubrtová.