Van Der Graaf Generator

Van Der Graaf Generator is one of the most famous British artrock band. Its beginning performances date back to 1967, when Peter Hammill, together with his classmates from Manchester University, founded his first band, which owes its name Van Der Graaf Generator to the machine creating static electricity. The band however survives in its original composition less than a year. After a few changes, in 1970 saxophonist and flutist David Jackson joins the group, and participates notably to the overall sound of the band‘s following albums.  Even as the band was at its peak, Peter Hammil dismantled it in 1972 to focus on his own solo path. In 1975 the band reunited again for three more years, during which they released the much appraised album Godbluff, which was followed by the albums Still Life, World Record and The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome. In 2005 Van Der Graaf Generator reunited once more, and has since then been performing in its 1968 original three member state, including Hugh Banton, Peter Hammill and Guy Evans, and which will be performing in Theater Archa.