Open Mike will have established artists performing alongside daredevils from the audience #PragueLovesMusic

The traditional Open Mike stage will have established Czech artists performing alongside brand new talents and daredevils from the audience. Open Mike will be a full-time partner to all the other stages at United Islands of Prague. After all, the Open Mike discovered musicians like Xindl X and Václav Havelka III for the boarder audience.

The stage will have interesting, varied and interactive program where brave members of the audience can perform and experience what it feels like to stand face to face with the crowd.

14 individuals and 10 bands have registered for the Open this year; famous names like Justin Lavash, Niceland and Vložte Kočku band will complement the contestants. “Open Mike turns everyone at the stage into a star, for the moment,” says Michal Kyselka, a.k.a. Czech Mike, the traditional organizer of the program of this stage.

The list of selected performers appearing on the stage this year has been finalized.

There is still chance for daredevils from the audience to register each day of the festival after 11 on the location, i.e. on Janáčkovo Riverbank.

Everyone with a desire to perform in the next year, please register at michaelkyselka@centrum.cz


11:00  Resumé

11:50  Daredevils from the Audience

12:00  Exit Orchestra

12:30  Miroslav Hejtmánek

12:40  Miki

12:50  Daredevils from the Audience

13:00  Hudba Tvýho Fotra

13:25  Bobby O´Keefe

13:40  Daredevils from the Audience

13:55  Radek Umlauf

14:00  Discrimination

14:20  Hana Hrdinová

14:30  Jiří Šámal

14:40  Fixage

14:52  Daredevils from the Audience

15:05  Luxus

15:20  Alven

15:40  Daredevils from the Audience

16:00  Michal Hrubý

16:10  Justin Lavash

16:35  Jan Jícha

16:45  Daredevils from the Audience

17:00  Vložte Kočku

17:25  Vlákna

17:37  Martin Jáchim

17:45  Daredevils from the Audience

18:00  Niceland

18:22  Ing. Puding

18:37  Tereza Jakobová

18:45  Daredevils from the Audience

19:00  Chilli Eyes

19:25  Nikol Fischerová & HeleN

19:45  Daredevils from the Audience

20:10  Audree

20:30  Resumé