Radio 1 Stage: Discoveries and Dreamscapes #UIOP

It is a surprising concoction of genres located rather in proximity of guitar sound, be it rock or songwriting, which the program editors of the Radio 1 Stage on Kampa Island have prepared. Part of United Islands of Prague on 19 and 20 June, the venue will offer live performances by, for example, Fismoll, a tender multiinstrumentalist from Poland, Turkey’s dreampop duo The Away Days, and singer Katarzia from Slovakia.

The program launches on Friday, 19 June with Holden Caulfield, a band that is on the verge of guitar indie and synthpop influenced by the likes of M83 and The 1975.

The next act is the seemingly fragile, yet in her songs hard as steel, Katarzia from Slovakia who has been likened to various rappers with a guitar or to straightforward punk songwriter girls.

The early evening belongs to Olga Königová, another magnificent lady. Her project Ille shows that a woman’s view of the world that is deep, communicable, musical and with a proper degree of sex appeal needn’t be looked for at easily maneuverable Barbie lookalikes.

The Away Days will be arriving to Kampa from Istanbul, Turkey, with their dreampop mixed with the shoegaze guitar style that has been recently picking up pace again.

Friday’s program ends with the popular Lanugo and its modern pop, jazz and soul with a touch of electronica and the dynamic vocals by Markéta Foukalová.

Saturday’s program opens with a “wildcard” of the program editors: Noisy Pots is a really young Czech band that originally performed on the streets with their ‘play’ of buckets, pots and other such items from the kitchen and garage combined with lively electronica.

Another fascinating discovery is beyond all doubt Lukas Landa, a Czech songwriter, who has been successful in abroad yet the spotlight of Czech scene has been missing him so far.

Grand expectations have arisen for the live performance of the initially studio project Tvrdý/Havelka. Martin Tvrdý (aka Bonus) and Václav Havelka (from Please The Trees) have decided to pay homage to Czech underground music. They made a record U nás v garáži by transforming 11 tracks by Garáž, Psí vojáci, Michael’s Uncle, Dybbuk, Panika, Hrdinové nové fronty, Dr. Max, Soubor tradičního popu and Půlnoc. This is likely the most controversial act of the year on the Czech music scene.

The male supremacy will be ruined by one of the most creative singers in the country, Lenka Dusilová, and her project Baromantika who will be presenting the new and very, very intense album, V hodině smrti.

Another member of the Istanbul club scene is the Mr. Mina project and their concept of alternative rock music.

The final part has been awarded to the charismatic Pole performing under the stage name of Fismoll. He is 21, a multiinstrumentalist, singer, composer, lyricist, and music creator: all evidence suggests he could just as well be on his own. However, he performs with a quartet that moves the dreaminess and delicacy of his music even further.