Adrian T.Bell (UK)

Adrian T. Bell from Newcastle upon Tyne is a singer with a distinctive and rare bass-baritone launching his first solo album Different World. All the three albums of The Prostitutes (Get me out of Here, Hometown Zombies and Deaf to the Call the last of which produced by Youth), the indie band he is involved with, were highly acclaimed by both the critics and the fans and won a number of awards and nominations in the Czech Republic where Adrian lives with his family. In his own project, Adrian teamed up with the rising star of the British music industry Michael Rendall (previously working with Killing Joke, Paul McCartney, the Gyuto Monks of Tibet, to name a few), to produce a generously arranged collection of songs, with strong stories about maturing, loving, falling and rising, experiencing private revolutions and leaving a trace behind. The title of the album – Different World – refers to the times when a man would express a strong opinion about a subject he knew nothing about as a point of honour, when your Dad would give you a clip and Mum would send you outside till dinner time. And when song writing was admittedly done with a full heart rather than as a marketing business model.