Deshane (NO/CZ)

The trio Deshane was established upon meeting of the singer Ane Bjerkan and the Czech ethno-jazz Dua Desi. This new and original connection that is captured on their debut album Kopsloin of June 2015, creates a unique musical fusion and an interconnection of air didgeridoo rhythms, architecturally arched melodies of clarinets and saxophones with crystal clear vocals rooted in a Norwegian folklore. A hardly classifiable music does not remain in the traditional conception of world music, but is not afraid of alternative approaches and experiments. ”When we compose our music, I often feel that we search for ways to express something significant which lies behind our experiences. We want those who listen to us to stay inside them, carry the music, breath with it, eat with it and stop thinking. We want them to feel inside our music as before awakening,” explained to the portal AlterEcho.